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Hi, I'm Emily Brownell

An interior designer, a mom, a wife and an avid thrifter who loves turning houses into homes. My journey to Gilded Hearth came after working for a larger design company and finding that to maintain providing my clients with the most comprehensive service I needed to be more hands on with them directly. With that in mind and the goal of being around for my growing family I branched off on my own and founded Gilded Hearth in 2017. 

 My goal is always to elevate a home to meet both the passions and style of my clients but also to ensure that it remains practical for your lifestyle. To achieve this goal I make sure I truly listen to both your needs and your tastes because there’s no point to having an Instagram worthy home if it doesn’t help streamline your life. With that said I'm looking forward to hearing more about you and what you are looking for in your space.