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Life is beautiful your home should be too.

Los Angeles Interior Stylist | E-designer | Working Mom

Greater Los Angeles area interior stylist and nationwide E-designer available to turn your house into a home and make it one that welcomes you with open arms. Together we mold your dream home.

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Hi, I'm Emily Brownell

An interior designer, a mom, a wife and an avid thrifter who is passionate about turning houses into homes. Originally from the Hudson Valley but having lived in London, NYC and Los Angeles my journey to Gilded Hearth came after working for a larger design company that pushed big box and trade only vendors leaving emerging artists and small shops out of the loop. With the intention to bridge that gap and bring more curated pieces into people's homes by working in both old and new, emerging and established artists as well as beloved brands Gilded Hearth was born.

My goal is always to elevate a home to maximize form and function so that each space is stylish yet practical. I make it my mission to truly listen to your needs and your wants and interpret how best to optimize your space by combining them to create a haven of your own.