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"The cabinets are done, Man"- Week 2 ORC

Cabinets painted

Cabinets painted

Can you name that 80’s movie reference in the title? Hint it stars Christina Applegate. Anyway it’s a bit misleading as I haven’t affixed the hardware yet. But we removed an entire side of cabinets to make way for some open shelves and it felt infinitely better in this kitchen, much brighter and more open. In discussing my plans I had numerous “Will you have enough storage?” comments. I have been living in apartments as small as 233 sq ft most of my adult life to our recent rental at 900 sq ft that had literally 3 working drawers. I unpacked everything including having an entire spice drawer (a luxury you should try) and still have two drawers and a set cabinets empty without the open shelves up, so answer is no and if I did I would worry I had too much stuff. And more on topic I also finalized the colors for the space which are:

Walls-Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Cabinets- Sherwin Williams Shitake

Bench-Sherwin Williams Pewter Green (or so I think )

Window Trim- Sherwin Williams Tricorn black


Now I am not going to lie. If I had my way I would have redone the entire kitchen but that was not in the plan so I had to actually implement my own designs vs handing them off to a contractor and checking in. I’ve done lots of smaller DIY’s but this was my first time doing anything like this and it was a HUGE learning curve that was the biggest pain my butt and I hope to provide you with some tips to avoid all the headache I went thru so instead of what I did, I’m going to tell you what I should have done. Now keep in mind my cabinets came pre-finished. If you are lucky enough to realy wood cabinets and not cheap compressed wood ones this process will like go much smoother when it comes to painting but you may need to replace hinges , etc.

CABINET TIPS (Or what I wish I had known):

  • Buy a spray gun (really kicking myself for not buying one)!

  • Remove all the cabinets and do as much as you can with them before reattaching including sealer

  • Remove hardware and use wood filler (I like this one) on any holes if replacing the current hardware size

  • Sand with an orbital sander

  • Prime with at least 2 coats using a foam roller and allow for proper dry time, don’t rush it. Now I should of researched more seems an oil based primer would of been a better choice than the latex I used but a big mistake I made was listening the “experts” at Sherwin Williams rather than doing more research on the topic.

  • Paint the cabinets and if you are smart you will do it with a spray gun, don’t be me. Even if you just do the fronts, and leave the frames to do with a roller, it will be so much faster and so much more even. Our shakers were a big ole pain so if you have any grooves etc you want the gun trust me. Have I nailed this in to your head enough?

  • Now here is what I wasn’t told and what I wish I had of known. Seal them. I was told the fancy expensive paint would be just fine but I was getting small chips almost immediately after a full week of curing prior to us even being in the home. This just shouldn’t happen and while my experience may not be typical why not get the extra protection in a space that takes a lot of wear and tear. Luckily the blog world came to my rescue and I found an amazing natural sealer that is made from a by product of whey. Yup you can seal you cabinets with cheese, well kind of.  And you don’t have to wear a mask really so super bonus. I have it from good sources this stuff is the least likely of any sealer to yellow. But if you are doing white it may still pick up some yellow tint eventually but nothing close to what it would be with the cheaper run of the mill stuff. I did 2 coats allowing a full 24 hours between them. One other tip I learned is that had I had the gun it would have gone on nice and smooth but my first coat went on streaky till I went out and bought a fancy natural bristle brush. So natural finish with natural bristle was the winning combo for me.

  • Allow the sealer to cure fully and attach hardware and hopefully, now that you bought the gun I didn’t you have done it in way less time than it took me.

So what was a huge headache for me in my first go at DIY home improvement will hopefully be what keeps you from needing a bottle of Advil in your cabinet adventures. In the midst of my cabinet induced migraine I have decided to revise my original plan of stenciling our travertine floor tiles. First I couldn’t find many companies who do custom and one that said they did then took my money and AFTER told me basically my design idea was impossible to execute, it was based on actual 1930’s tile floor pattern. I did get a refund but it was a bit annoying. Second I like the texture of the travertine. Paint would have just really taken that away from the natural stone, it’s the color I don’t like not the material. So new plan for this week is to use some tiles I found buried in the garage and test staining the travertine dark or as close to black as I can get them with out causing myself an aneurysm. I love the idea of dark contrasts and the fact it could (pretty please universe) come out looking more like a darker stone, say a granite or a limestone, fits inline with the that Devol Kitchen look I am going for. Third if cabinets didn’t hold up in the first week no way I am risking a kitchen floor that leads to our yard with a a dog and toddler. Also on the agenda this week is to add the hardware that I just got in and is super gorgeous and I’m so excited to see in action.

There you have it my wrap up for week 2 for the spring 2019 One Room Challenge and click the link to see that of the other guest participants as well as the featured designers. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know in comments or via email! And since you totally are still wondering what 80’s movie I meant, here you go. Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 11.50.00 AM.png

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