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Well some wins and more losses, Week 3 ORC

Slow Progress

Slow Progress

Yeah so the headaches continue. Is it because I am pregnant or do some DIY’s just don’t go as planned for others too? Cause I know this is my first rodeo in many regards but I do feel a bit like Camus pushing the giant boulder up a hill, except I’m doing it 6 months pregnant and way more out of shape. This week we got the hardware on with the help of a friend, thank you Charlie! It looks amazing BUT even after the sealing we got hairline cracks where they were installed. It’s only noticeable close up but I will have to touch that up eventually (as in like maybe next year). Even though we pre-drilled the holes and then affixed them the old fashioned way (with a screwdriver) to be as gentle as possible we still got them so that was rather frustrating. We also got the walls sanded and painted where we ripped down the cabinets and even that had a few bumps! One small area must have had a strange sealer cause paint literally peeled off like plastic. Only this would happen to me! On the other hand I will say the natural sealer I talked about in the previous post seems to have stopped the chips! So one small win.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 10.42.49 AM.png

Now to the migraine. These floors! My orginal plan was paint & stencil. Only after some thought I really don’t want to cover up the nature texture of the travertine. No, it's not in the best shape but I do not mind the character, I just mind the yellowish color especially when my countertops have that and I can’t get rid of them… yet. So I read some bloggers (and by some I mean like 2) having success with staining travertine since it is such a pourous natural material. They mentioned actual wood stains penetrating better than those made for stone so I went to the source and just got a straight up undiluted black dye that also was fairly non-toxic. WELL when I diluted it turned PURPLE, cue me crying. Purple floor no thank you! So then I went with the straight dye and well that was a winner! UNTIL after curing for 24 hours one drop of water and it came right up. Cue more crying. 

Ughh Purple, Yay black, no water :(

Ughh Purple, Yay black, no water :(

Now I have not tried to seal my experiment tiles but I am not very confident that it will prevent the dye from lifting either are two professionals I talked to. Also the sealer is pretty damn toxic and I hate respirator masks and the whole growing a human things turns me off from that since the tiles were sealed previously its truly not necessary and would mean my first step would be to remove the old sealer with acetone prior to adding the dye also pretty toxic. So now I am sort of back to square 1. I think my hunch to try and keep the natural stone texture is the right call. If you like at my inspo images from Devol Kitchens they don’t do fancy patterned tiles they go classic and I already have that I just don’t have the right color. I feel setback a week now with trying to come up with another game plan so if you have any advice for me I will gladly take it! That is my wrap up for week 2  for the spring 2019 One Room Challenge and click the link to see that of the other guest participants as well as the featured designers.

How do I get my floors like one of these  Devol Kitchen  floors?

How do I get my floors like one of these Devol Kitchen floors?


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