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In a pickle, WWYD?- ORC Week 4

Natural Stone of a similar shade from  Tom Howley  and layer a black jute like this one via  My Scandanavian Home . This could be the solution.

Natural Stone of a similar shade from Tom Howley and layer a black jute like this one via My Scandanavian Home. This could be the solution.

Ahh the conundrums keep coming. Remember last week I was figuring out what to do with the floors after experimenting with some dyes? Well, after talking to two professional tile people they really didn’t see this working out and being I was trying to go dark I may end up tracking black all over my house for who knows how long even after sealing. My other issue is that many of the sealers, epoxy/ cement paints and primers are all pretty toxic. I’m almost seven months pregnant and not sure I want to be on my hands and knees for 4-5 days breathing in those kinds of fumes even with a mask. So I really have to ask myself, if it worth the time and effort to put that kind of work in to floors that may not stay that long should we renovate and open the kitchen up? When I go back to my inspiration source, Devol Kitchens, they all feature natural floors whether they be wood, stone, granite , etc. I actually love that these tiles are a natural stone, the cracks and fissures give them so much character and so truly they fit the look I’m going for more than a patterned tile would. BUT it's the color that is throwing me off, hence me feeling in a bit of a pickle. I didn’t have much of a plan B but in revisiting my inspiration saves on Pinterest I came across the fact that with enough contrast and beauty surrounding the tiles they may just work to my liking and be less of an eye sore and more of a support for the rest of the design. Also when in a pickle just add a rug right, like a good ole black jute? So that is where my head is at right now. What would you do? Would you just keep going for it or would you move on to the back up plan?

What I did move forward with this week is getting the trim black on the two windows in the breakfast nook, and will finish up the one on the kitchen this week. I was told this may be a lost cause as they chip so easily, BUT it's so killer that its worth keeping a touch up pen around and I’m going to try using the same sealer that came to the rescue on my cabinets in hopes it brings me the same luck. I don’t regret going for this one because the pay off is huge even if I have to bust out the ole paint pen for touch ups on a weekly basis. The wallop of contrast it brings is just too good and once we get that cushion in there with the black leather straps it will be so perfect together. The way it plays with the black chairs we got from Eclectic Goods this week has me giddy already! Here is my breakdown & what I used to paint the trim but check back to see how they hold up.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 3.42.51 PM.png


1-Remove what you can of your windows, one whole side of mine popped out super easily

2-Sand the casing down lightly, I used a 150 grit

3-Tape off the areas using Frog Tape, if you are still using Blue Painters tape ditch it now this stuff is hands down better and worth the extra money

4-Apply 2 coats of a primer made for tough surfaces like Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond and allow a proper drying time between coats. For most jobs you shouldn’t need more than a quart.

5-Apply 2-3 coats of a higher quality black paint, I used Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black.

6-Use a black paint pen to touch up hard to reach spaces like where the casing meets the glass. 

7-Try to seal it, this is the step I will update next week.

Saving the best for last. The husband was finally able to lend his hand and built the frame for the bench! It was quite time consuming and we still have to add the trim and give it a spray with the olive paint as well as seal (since it will be near feet) but I am really excited to get those custom cushions in and put it all together. He did an amazing job so far. I also ordered some black accents for the open shelves and got all the little pieces to put the straps together for hanging the back cushion. I have also decided that the 4 doors in this space will get the same olive paint as the bench, which in the end Sherwin Williams Rosemary is the winner! I feel even with my floor setback I have made some solid strides this week. 

Basic bench construction using 2x4s, plywood and piano hinges for the storage.

Basic bench construction using 2x4s, plywood and piano hinges for the storage.

That is my wrap up for week 4  for the spring 2019 One Room Challenge and click the link to see that of the other guest participants as well as the featured designers. And do tell me what you make of my back up plan!


This post my contain sponsored products or affiliate links however all opinions are my own.

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