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Styling and decorating services for the greater Los Angeles Area as well as nationwide thru e-design aiming to make your home a lesson in form and function.


Please note I am on maternity leave as of June 2019. If you would like to reserve a spot for when I return in the fall feel free to reach out.

Gilded Hearth offers a wide variety of interior design services for the greater Los Angeles area and beyond thru e-design. My rates start at $95 an hour for traditional services and/ or styling. I usually start with a one hour consult to ensure we are a good fit and I understand the scope of the project and then go from there. I would say what my clients can count on me most for is seamlessly layering styles as I mix high and low end by sourcing one of a kind statement pieces rather than solely relying on big box vendors or trade only resources. I craft unique homes by incorporating vintage elements where appropriate and often seek out the work of emerging artists and local craftspeople. My projects have ranged from Rustic Ski Chalets to Beachy Bachelor Pads.

For those outside of greater Los Angeles we can collaborate thru e-design. This means that anyone, anywhere can receive great design for their homes for a customized flat fee usually $750 & up. I've had clients all over the map for whom I was able to bring their inspirations to life. My main goal is to give you a space that wows you but is still practical for your lifestyle. Each package includes an initial as well as final moodboard, limited revisions & options for major items, a furniture layout, a shopping list with detailed instructions to put it all together.

What makes me different than the standard online services often offered at lower price points is that I'm not locked into using only big box vendors at retail markup like they're required to. Instead I have the freedom to source from all over the world. My projects tend to feel like a true collaboration and are anything but cookie cutter. Rather than just receiving a vision you aren't 100% in love we truly work together to craft your home till it’s everything you have ever dreamed of. Most e-design services rely on the same ole same ole but I go out of my way to source purposeful pieces often working with vintage vendors in your area or small shops. My goal is for your home to be as carefully curated as your life is.

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I do flat fees with my rates depending on the volume of work, the size of the space and the budget. My rates are always per room and quotes are agreed upon prior to proceeding.

Scroll to see a detailed breakdown of how the e-design process works from a visual standpoint as well as to read more about what you can expect as a prospective client.

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shopping list & instructions


FIRST STEP- I will ask you some basic questions to give me an idea as to what the scope of the project and the direction you would like to take your home or set up a quick phone call to go over those details. I will request measurements for the spaces, a list of existing furniture you plan to keep, photos of your home, a simple floor plan and links to inspiration images. I will follow up with any additional questions I may have and then come up with a customized quote for the design fee.

SECOND STEP- After you have received your invoice and initial moodboard proposal you will pay your deposit and then the design begins. From the moodboard we will check to see if I have down the general vibe of what you're going for. Once you provide me with feedback I come up with a more detailed and specific design board tailored to your home and give you a better feel for how it would look spatially. 

THIRD STEP- After viewing your Design Board you will provide me with specific feedback on all the items and what is working or not working for you. From there we discuss what we want to see in terms of options and I come up with 5-6 additional options per piece on anything you are not in love with. It is during this step that we ensure all the pieces fit perfectly. When they do I send over a modified design board to see how it is coming together so you can get a real feel for your new space. Once you have approved the final design I require the rest of the payment and I send over a complete design package including a floor plan, detailed instructions and additional boards if needed to help you style it as if I’m in your home doing it myself. You will also receive a shopping list that includes everything you need to purchase to complete your home on your own timeline and under your budget.

FINAL STEP- Shop and style! You can follow up with me at anytime for questions concerning any item of the design for up to 4 weeks after we have finished.


E-design can also be customized for new builds, renovations and relocation packages.